The Best Time To Exercise

The Best Time of Day to Exercise

I am not a morning person and when I first started exercising I most definitely didn’t want to get up to do hard work.  I’ll always tell you like it is and be upfront.  I was a “snooze bar” person for practically my whole life.  So my advice when you are trying to start a new workout program is to workout at…

“Set-yourself-up-for-success” O’clock.


The best time to workout is first thing in the morning. Right when you wake up.  That is the MOST OPTIMUM time for your body to burn fat.  That is currently what I’m able to do now, however, please please please know yourself before choosing a time.

Ron SwansonIf you are someone like I used to be, I never wanted to get up in the morning and traded every last minute of getting ready in the morning for extra sleep, then working out in the morning isn’t the best strategy.  You should workout at the time where you know you’ll be awake.

Maybe that is the afternoon, right after work, or later in the evening.  You don’t need much time, especially with an effective at-home workout program.  If you have kids, like I do, then you may not get to choose when you want to get your workout done, but you’ll be forced to workout around their schedule.


The best time you can workout is honestly any time you can CONSISTENTLY complete your workout.  If you are blessed as a morning person, then crush your workout first thing after you wakeup!

I hope that helps everyone out there.  If you have any questions, follow me on Facebook and message me there.

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