Get Huge with the Body Beast Fitness Challenge

It’s time.


I’m putting together a challenge group of ONLY 5 people to do the Body Beast program with me.  The goal is to add 10lbs of pure MUSCLE MASS! All you need to do is commit yourself for 90 days to my challenge.  I’ve seen some people get huge! Having a challenge group is going to increase your success rate.  I know what your thinking, do Beachbody programs really work?  Yes, because it’s exercise+nutrition+support+rewards=SUCCESS

Have you ever bought workout DVD that now has dust on it? Do you actively use your gym membership? Do you enjoy that commute to the gym?  Have you started to eat healthy as a New Years resolution then after the first week you stop?

You better have watched that video! Being apart of a challenge group will provide you with support and motivation because 4 other people will be going through the same struggles that youcan relate to. When you are feeling weak they will pick you up.  It’s just 90 days.  Can you commit yourself to a short period of time that will absolutely TRANSFORM you and your life!

Message me or find me on Facebook to find out how to join.  The time is ticking.  Now it’s time. This is YOUR time.

To get the Body Beast Challenge pack click here.

Jeff Grube
Independent Team Beachbody Coach
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