How to break your exercise plateau using “Pick 3”

I started to use a strategy for my workouts to help me break through plateaus and it’s working. It’s so simple.  I’ll share with you what I’ve been doing.

giphyWhile I’m exercising, I’ pick 3 moves to go ALL OUT on. When I go ALL OUT I use the kind of motivation that I respond to the best. There are two types of motivation: Towards and Away. Towards pleasure and Away from pain.  I respond best to Away motivation.

2I’ll be honest, what I think of is pretty dark, sometimes it’s to cure family member of their pain (medical illness) and most of the time it’s to save my family from something dangerous and scary.  Sounds intense, right? I know. It sounded intense as I’m writing it now, but it’s the truth.3

So if I’m doing a workout and I know what the moves are going to be, I typically pick the 3 moves I struggle most with.

If it’s a new exercise routine, I will try to evaluate how I am doing and choose a move I believe I’m struggling with.

AND IF THAT doesn’t happen, then I choose one move in the middle and the last two moves.

For me, I use Beachbody On Demand to stream my workouts on my laptop,  so I have a pretty good idea of what moves are coming next. I pick 2 new mov
es to focus on each week and keeping the 3rd pick for the one I am struggling most with.

The point of this is it what used to be hard gets to be easy next time because you’ve already been through it.

4I hope this strategy helps you CRUSH your workouts!

Message me, if you have any questions! Don’t hesitate to ask. The best way to reach me is on my Facebook page or send me an email at

Much Love,

-Coach Grube

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