Chantal F.’s Transformation Story: How to Lose Around 100 lbs



When most people look back on visits to a theme park, they are almost always happy memories. Filled with laughter, screaming on rides, and good company. Very rarely do you remember uncontrolable tears and the lowest, most humiliating, moment of your life. A serious life changing moment. But I do.

Over the last decade I have seriously struggled with my weight. I always described myself as an emotional eater. When things got bad, that’s what I did. A lot. But the scary part was I never really thought I was doing anything that bad. I knew I needed to be eating better foods, but I would think, eh, as long as I don’t eat too much maybe it isn’t that big of a deal. (I know. Wow).

After being on my own for a few years I started pushing mid 200 lbs. Slowly I kept reaching a new “heaviest I’ve ever been” number. It started occuring to me, I should do something about this. And I would. For a few weeks. Maybe a month or two. Whether it was Weight Watchers, just dieting, numerous different gym memberships (and oh can’t forget the free training sessions!), etc. I’d loose a few pounds, one summer I even lost a little over 40lb. But something wasn’t sticking.

When my Dad passed away very unexpectedly in 2010 it hit me very hard. Anything that I was doing to try and take care of myself went right out the door. Any weight I had lost came back, and then some. I became the most unhappy I had ever been. I went through 2010 and most of 2011 not even really caring how I treated myself.

In 2011, an old friend, Jeff Grube, from high school found me on Facebook. After becoming FB friends, I started looking around his page and was seeing all these posts and pictures reagarding a program called P90X. I found out he had gone through an amazing journey of becoming fit and healthy and then became a coach to help others do the same. When he started posting about a group he was starting I messaged him and asked what it was all about. He explained to me what the group was for, about this amazing workout program, and this product called Shakeology. I gave him a little bit of info about me and what I was looking to accomplish. The group was starting New Years Day 2012, so I decided, why not, let’s try this. I wasn’t able to order right but I told him as soon as I had the money I would. I bought Shakeology first, and used it for a month almost every day. I also eventualy got P90X. But, as was my habit, I quickly lost my drive as soon as I got discouraged during the first workout. I slowly let myself kind of fade from the group, but would still read what others were saying. I thought, how the hell am I supposed to be able to do somehting like this. At this point I was 280+ lbs and felt like it would be impossible.

After some researching I decided to give Power 90 a shot instead. And I did well! For a month or so. Slowly my old way of thinking, my old habits, everything made its way back in. My dvds stared collecting some dust sitting noxt to my tv.

The last weekend of February 2013 I had a fun trip planned with several friends and family members. Magic Mountain!! I hadn’t been there in 12 years, so I was very excited. After the first few rides, I realized that different safety harnesses were having to be pushed down a little hard to latch properly. Gave me a little embarrement but nothing I couldn’t handle. Then after standing in line for about an hour to be in the front of one of the newer rides, my world crashed at my feet. The harness would not latch down. My brain was going, this is not happening, please tell me this is not happening to me right now. But it was. As I got off and made the long walk back down from the ride alone, I though I was going to be able to contain myself. Halfway down, I couldn’t anymore. I don’t think I have ever sobbed so hard in my life. I couldn’t catch my breath, couldn’t control my tears, nothing. I spent the rest of the day fearing it would happen again, and even though it didn’t, the damage was done. I immediately felt extremely self conscience about myself, and couldn’t even bring myself to eat in public.

For 2 weeks I tried to let it go, but something in my head wouldn’t. I needed help.

I called Jeff again, told him I really wanted to meet and talk about a new plan for me. We met March 24, 2013 and spent a few hours talking about why I needed this, what it meant to me to get healthy, and ho I was going to do it. Setting up weekly nutritional goals was key first, then adding in Power 90. Baby steps was what I needed. And boy did it work.

I have now completed a full round, 90 days, of Power 90, along with Shakeology EVERY DAY. I lost 52lbs, 26.7 inches overall, 3+pants sizes in those 90 days.

My entire life changed that day on that roller coaster platform. I have since gained such confidence, self respect, and pride in myself. I am now excited to get up in the morning and see what the day holds for me as opposed to dreading it. I am making goals for myself, for my future, that I never thought I would. And what’s even better, I am accomplishing them! I am currently in the beginning of my second 90 day program, Turbo Fire, and have my next two already planned out! My goal is to reach my ultimate goal weight by the end of Spring 2014.

I have since decided that I want to give back what has been given to me. To give the help, support and motivation that I received from Jeff, from Beachbody, is something that I am really excited to do. By becoming a coach, if I can prevent somebody from feeling what I felt on the ride that day, then it is all more than worth it!



If you are ready to take the next step like Chantal did, message me on Facebook or send me an e-mail . I helped her, and I can help you too.


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