Cheap home gym flooring safety hack

So you’re thinking “What’s the best gym floor?” without breaking your bank account or maybe you have home gym flooring already and are thinking “How can I prevent gym mats from coming apart?” I have had the dreaded scary experience of gym mats separating while I was exercising and it wasn’t fun! It looked a little like this


Well I have looked around a lot and for me the best solution has been these interlocking flooring gym mats on Amazon combined with duct tape. I’ll explain further down.

PARENT BONUS: If you buy some extra they are great flooring for toddlers too!  They are easy to wipe clean and a good cushion for falling.


Ok so if you’ve owned this kind of puzzle gym flooring before you’ll know how difficult it is to keep them together when you’re jumping around.  So my solution to the gym floor not coming apart is duct tape.

I flip over the mat and tape the interlocking pieces together across the entire mat. Once you’re done flip the mat over and boom! All finished. It may be a little difficult to flip the mat over again but I believe you can do it!

Also, you may need to put something heavy on the ends of the large gym mat so it doesn’t slide around.  In my setup, I have a bunch of weights and a bench on one side of the mat and it stays in place.

Let me know in the comments if this was helpful or if you have any tips for how you created your own gym floor at home.

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