Christmas Gifts Ideas for Someone Into Fitness

Christmas Gifts Ideas for someone into fitness

I’m not gonna say that people into fitness are easy to please.  Lots of people have their own diets with specific foods they like to eat or their own workout programs so it can get tricky.  So I’m sure you are thinking, What to get someone who is healthy? Hopefully with a little listening to your friends and loved ones you will be able to figure out what the best gift can be for them.  Don’t worry about offending them either, because if they are into fitness they will be so appreciative of what you gave them.  Here is a great holiday gift guide for healthy people.

1. P90x2 – What is P90x2? It is a highly anticipated workout program sequel to P90x that many people have been waiting for.  There are different packages you can order to from the basic p90x2 dvd package all the way to the ultimate (gear included) Blu-Ray package.  Check it out here.  Are you worried that p90x2 might be too extreme? Can you Modify P90x and P90x2? Yes.  Can you travel with P90x2? Yes. They have thought about this while making the workout Program  My wife can’t get it for me because I pre-ordered mine and it is arriving this Friday Dec 9th.  Wooohoo!  Check out my P90x2 unboxing video.

2. Shakeology – I love this stuff.  It’s the healthiest shake you can have. Shakeology has tons of nutrients, vitamins, phytonutrients, etc. “FoodFacts” did a review on shakeology that you can check out here.  If you interested in ordering Shakeology there are two flavors Chocolate and Greenberry.  This stuff is a bargain for everything you get packed inside of each shake.  I highly recommend a bag of Chocolate Shakeology unless the person you are getting it for doesn’t like chocolate.  Shakeology will increase energy, lose weight, gives tons of nutrition, and it tastes frickin’ delicious with almond milk, peanut butter and banana! (My personal favorite) The best part is that Shakeology has a “bottom of the bag” guarantee and if person you bought it for doesn’t like it after a week or so, you can RETURN IT and get all of your money back.  Pretty frickin’ sweet deal, if you ask me. Win-Win.  If you want to order it and get free shipping click here.

3. Professional Massage – Want a Massage? I do.  I always do. Someone who is into fitness needs massages.  They should be getting them once a week.  It helps their muscles and can increase their results.  Deep Tissue is what you are looking for if you want to schedule one for them.  They can always tell the masseuse to ease up on the pressure.  I would check out local spa’s using before you make the appointment or purchase.

4. Vitamin Shoppe/GNC/Beachbody gift card – Protein bars, powder, vitamins, pre workout drinks, you name it! Typically I shop at these places 1x a month so I know that I would LOVE a gift card to them.  Find out if they already have a membership loyalty to card to one of these places and get the gift card from there.

5. Sports Authority (other fitness apparel) gift cards – If they have lost a lot of weight maybe then need new clothes that fit them better.  It’s getting colder and people really need to where warm clothes after they workout if they have to go outside when they are done or else they will get sick. Or they might need some new weights or bands.

6. Whole Foods (or place they like to get their food) gift card.  They have to buy food someplace right? If you really want to go the extra mile maybe you could even find out what food they need and go buy it for them.  Often times eating healthy requires frequent trips to the store because of the “fresh” ingredients.

Lots of gift cards I know but they truly will love it.   If you have any questions about gifts for the fitness enthusiast or you yourself want to make a change. My contact info is below.  BRING IT!

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