Your Goals Need Desire


What an insanely powerful tool.  There is an immense difference between “want” and “desire”.  Everyone wants to have 6 pack abs, drop 10-15lbs, be more tone, make more money in your job, and the list goes on.  Have you ever wanted something so bad absolutely nothing stood in your way of getting it and you got what you wanted? That’s desire.

What’s the difference?  Effort and belief. Those two things can turn a “want” into a “desire”.  Most people think

“Oh I can never lose weight”

“This is just the way my body is I must accept it”

“I have tried so many diets and nothing has worked”

I would tell these people, you haven’t desired it then.  There is no magical pill that can give you the instant results you only talk about.  People these days are so used to getting things instantly, quickly, they forget or don’t want to put the effort towards their goals.

Nothing worth achieving ever comes easy.

Too often, I hear people make radical changes to their lifestyle and after 1 week they couldn’t keep it going.   If you are unhappy with your body you must realize that your body didn’t get to where it is at right now overnight.  It took consistency over time. Bad choices were made over and over for years.  The same is true to improve your body; good choices made every day over time will lead to amazing results.  So keep in mind, in order to turn your want into a burning desire, when you start to change your lifestyle make a few small choices that make it easy to succeed and keep doing them.  Eventually add some more.  Keep repeating the process and over time you will start seeing results.  Those results will ignite your desire.

These results aren’t just about you looking good in a bathing suit.  Yes, your body will change but it will also lead to higher confidence, mental clarity, and you’ll start to look for ways to constantly improve yourself.  That will compound into a life of happiness.

I started my journey with an inspirational Beachbody Coach, P90x, and Shakeology.  Is it time to start your own journey? I honestly don’t know. Do you want it or desire it?  No one is going to make you do it.  It’s your choice.  I just hope you make it a good one.

Jeff Grube
Independent Team Beachbody Coach
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