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So far I’ve used Beachbody’s Energy & Endurance pre-workout drink for 7 days. I totally understand where Beachbody is coming from having a product that contains no garbage compared to other pre-workout drinks such as Jack3d and 1MR. When you first drink E&E it tastes like biting into a whole lemon. The smell alone gives me a sudden burst of energy. However, I did not notice any performance gains or real energy gains. In fact, I fell asleep earlier than normal on the days I used it. I used to take Jack3d (and I am of the controversial ingredients and possible effects it can cause), however from a purely results perspective Jack3d gave me more of what I wanted during my workout after a long tiring day of work.  From an overall health perspective Beachbody’s Energy and Edurance or E&E is clearly better but having the experience of other pre-workout drinks it’s not as potent.

So the question you have to ask yourself is, do you want a healthy choice with good energy gain or a unhealthy choice with massive energy gain?

I’ll continue using E&E for the rest of the month and update you guys on how it ends.



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