Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 3 Review

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 3 Review

Note – Khaleesi the blonde Dothraki queen or Robb Stark did not appear in this episode.

A good chunk of the episode is dedicated to Tyrion Lannister (known as “the imp” because he is little) who is acting as “Hand of the King”. He is already one of my favorite characters because of his wit and general awesomeness. If you disagree, check out the youtube video where it’s just him slapping jeoffrey for 10 minutes and then come back. Feel better about life? ok good. Now in this episode, Tyrion does a test of the supposed loyal council to see who he can trust and who he can’t.  All of his reading and intelligence is really being depicted.  In past episodes, he was often reacting to situations and appearing as if he was just lucky and getting by,Like a less entertaining version of Jack Sparrow and fewer braids.  However in this episode you finally get to see him shine at what he is good at; strategy.  A great line from this episode directed at him was “Even a short man can cast a large shadow.”




Theon Greyjoy is still on the Iron Islands and has some intense abandonment issues to deal with: he is forced to make a choice to honor his blood line or the Starks who have been taking care of him for 7 years.Honestly, the scene that he’s kneeling is the first time he seemed compelling as a character.





Renly Baratheon (the scrawny thin-bearded guy) is now a King who is not “interested” in his proposed queen but instead likes her brother.  To me this character isn’t very interesting, even before the 2nd season. Maybe he’ll get better, or maybe he’s scenes will be cut to make way for more Stark glory!




Random rant: I was surprised that Jon Snow didn’t get chewed out by his commander more. I mean, last episode, he took Snow aside and did the song and dance about not messing with the creeper, and then after he does, no hitting, no anger no hands being chopped off, what gives? I feel like i was promised a pretty big “or else..” and it wasn’t delivered. Kind of like the ending in Mass Effect 3. Too soon?




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