Get fit or Get Fat!

Eat more or get fatter

What is Starvation Mode?

One of the issues that I talked about in “Learn from my Noob Mistakes” was that I wasn’t eating enough calories every day and I was going into Starvation Mode.   I get so upset at myself for not doing the right research and following the P90x Nutrition Guide.  I also get frustrated when I talk with people about their fitness goals and don’t care about nutrition.  Starvation Mode is when you are not consuming the right amount of calories and your body is not getting all the nutrition it needs.  The correct amount of calories needed varies from person to person.  It is based on age, height, weight, gender, and how active you are throughout the day.  When you DON’T eat enough your body starts to adjust and goes into Starvation Mode—queue dramatic music—Dun-duh-Daaaa!!!

What happens in Starvation Mode? Do I need to worry about Starvation Mode?

Danger, Danger! Mayday, Mayday! Your body says in a Scottish accent “I just can’t do it captain, I’m giving it all she’s got” and your body starts to slooowwww….d…o…w…n………….<crash>

You’re body will start to protect itself, like a terminator sent back in time, and slows down to conserve energy to run your vital organs. Your metabolism will slow down.  You’re energy will drop. Your body will burn your fat and LEAN muscle as fuel. Yes, you will lose weight fast for the first few days then you’re going to see the opposite effect happen.  You might even have a friend that makes you jealous when they tell you they were able to drop weight fast, did you ever notice they stop talking about it? Probably because they put the weight back on again.  When you burn lean muscle you will slow your metabolism even FURTHER! OMG! Then the worst part kicks in, any time you eat (even if it’s healthy food) your body will store it as more fat.  Starvation Mode is really bad. Starvation Mode is like the “Windows Millennium” for your nutrition—full of problems you don’t want.   If your goal was to lose weight and look tone, than you will screw it up if you go into Starvation Mode.

How much do I need to eat? When do I need to eat?

Look at the P90x Nutrition guide or other Beachbody nutrition guides that came with your program.  If you aren’t using a Beachbody program search for an online calculator for the total calories you need to eat.  You should be eating more than the average calories, if you are doing a Beachbody exercise program or other high intense activity (this doesn’t include keyboard/button mashing during video games), so that you can provide your body with the energy to maintain itself all day and for your workouts.   You want to eat about every 2.5-3 hours to prevent your body from going into Starvation Mode.  Do you ever feel like your energy bottoms out in the afternoon 2 or 3pm?  IT’S BECAUSE YOU AREN’T EATING ENOUGH! This will boost your metabolism and give you tons of energy.

What food do I need to eat to lose weight?

Don’t forget to eat smart and healthy because preventing Starvation Mode isn’t the only factor.  You also need to choose the right foods.  Egg whites (because the yolk has unnecessary fat if you’re trying to lose weight), vegetables, protein bars, salads (dip your fork in your dressing), raw almonds (not cooked in oils or salted), soy nuts, low fat/fat free cottage cheese, berries, chicken, fish, and turkey meat, etc.  Shakeology has really helped me in this area.  I love it because it was cheaper than what I could make or buy and it tastes delicious. For more info, check out my link.


This is not some magic formula guys.  Eat enough good foods + Exercise = YOU being HOT(TER)!

Have you heard how girls scream at twilight previews when Jacob is shirtless?  I wish for everyone to have his results minus the obnoxious tween screams.

Overall if you need to consume say 3300 calories a day for your body to maintain the appropriate energy, you would want a small deficit, for example 3200 calories a day.  In combination with proper exercise, you will lose weight, gain lean muscle (be tone), have more energy throughout the day, and sleep better.

Awesome Movie Quote #7

“See that look in their eyes, Rock? You gotta get that look back, Rock. Eye of the tiger, man”

-Rocky III


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