Healthy Oils

Healthy Oils

Oils (Fat – Omega 3’s & 6’s) are used in preparing and cooking food.  They can become unhealthy and “rancid” meaning they produce free radicals in their chemical state. This isn’t a totally radical Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle thing, this is not healthy for you to eat.  Here is a breakdown of the oils as from my understanding.


Coconut Oil is a very stable oil that can be heated up to 350 F.

Sunflower Oil can be heated up to 510 F


Sesame Oil is high in anti-oxidants and can be heated to about 450 F

Peanut Oil  can be heated up to 437 F

Dressing & Dipping

Olive Oil is a very common oil people use to cook with but shouldn’t be cooked above 120 F degrees.  Some say you can go up to 200F but the studies have varied.    I recommend that you use it on already cooked food or use it in your own mix of a salad dressing.

Nut oils are also good such as Peanut, Walnut, and Sesame.

Canola Oil is cheap to produce, smells bad and looks bad.  So what they do is boil it to 500 F (making it Rancid), bleach it to change its color and add deodorant to make it smell better. This is the one of the worst oils you can eat.

Also you may have notice I didn’t add a “Frying” category due to the unhealthy nature of fried foods.

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