How to Modify P90x for Apartments

How to modify P90x for Apartments

I have lived in an apartment the entire time I have done Beachbody workouts. Here are some of the common quests (problems) and walk-throughs (solutions) that occur when working out in an apartment.

Feel the Vibrations

Most people are not nimble footed like Batman so jumping is a problem for most apartment renters while doing a Beachbody workout. I started working out in a much older apartment complex that provided me with strong floors and my neighbors below couldn’t hear me jumping up and down while doing Plyometrics and Kenpo X.  However, in my current apartment jumping is a huge issue.  Even with a Plyometrics mat, my neighbors below can hear every step and I can hear almost all of their conversations.


Solution: Get a portable DVD player, laptop, or convert your workout DVDs to a portable device like an iPod. Take them to your apartment’s gym, a friend’s house (and get them in shape too!!), or go to a park.  The park could be a cool way meet new people and get them into the workouts as well.  If you have no other places to go then you might want to consider paying for a gym membership and do your cardio workouts there.


Pull-ups and Bands

In my apartment a few years ago, I didn’t have a doorway that fit the P90x pull up bar and if it did I didn’t have molding around the doorframe to attach the pull-up bar.  Sure, there are probably other ways of modifying this, but I decided to keep my renter’s deposit and use B-Line Bands.  I COULDN’T even do a pull-up yet anyway. I went to the store and bought the strongest, sturdiest, most durable over-the-door coat rack I could find  (It was made of Adamantium haha).  I put it over the door and moved it right by the hinges (so it wouldn’t slide), TESTED it first, and then I CAREFULLY did my workout.

Solution: Eventually, I switched to the Perfect Pull-Up, which helped me strengthen my pull-ups, way morethan the bands did. For more information check out my previous article “Level-up Your Pull-ups”.  If you are really set on the bands, you could also go outside your apartment and try and find a railing or something that is very STURDY.  You don’t want to be pulling on the bands and have whatever attached break off.  It would head in one direction YOUR FACE with a lot of force.  Don’t pull a Wile E. Coyote.  Remember to use common sense, be safe, and if there is any risk of getting hurt don’t do it. Buy the Perfect Pull-up.


Weights of Space…Err Waste of Space

Let’s face it.  You may have “PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS!” and an “itty-bitty living space!” (Genie. Aladdin.)  Apartments are small and weight sets are big.  Ya, you might start out by needing a few weights but as you become stronger you will need more…and more…and just a little more.  Do you want to make the decision of getting rid of your dining table to accommodate your weights?

Solutions: Buy Power Blocks.  I love them. They are an adjustable weight set that is compact and they come in different sizes.  It only takes the space of 1 set of dumb bells. If you need to up your weight (or lower it for certain exercises) it’s very simple: you just need to adjust the pin and lift up the weight. I highly recommend them in the beginning so you don’t waste money down the road.  Yes, they are a bit expensive but not in comparison if you add up all the weights separately and storing them.  Imagine buying 5lb, 10lb, 15lb, 20lb and 25lb weights. That’s 75lbs of weight!  If you bought the Power Blocks, you only have 1 set of weights and the maximum weight is whatever you bought.  There are different sets, the smallest ranges from 3lb-18lb and the largest ranges from 2.5lb-130lb.

Awesome Movie Quote #10

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