If Goku did a Beachbody workout it would be…(updated)



Goku would totally get ripped in the real world by using Insanity and Kenpo X (From P90x)

He is a master of marital arts and needs endurance training for long battles. That is definitely Insanity.  Shaun T created a stellar workout program on DVD that you can do in the convenience of your home.  The workouts burn lots of calories and combined with proper nutrition, Insanity will shred the fat off your body within 60 days.  However, like Goku your commitment to your body and overall health must be life-long.  It doesn’t stop just after 60 days.  Also, keep in mind, you didn’t get to the weight you are at today in a week or a month, you got to that weight over months/years.  It will be the same when you are losing it so don’t expect to transform your entire body into perfection within a few weeks. It takes time.  Steady and constant improvements over time are the key to success.

Goku is a fictional character, a superhero of the Dragon Ball series. In Dragon Ball, Goku trains himself in various martial arts and has the utmost commitment to obtain his goals. He meets other characters with similar goals. Due to the series’ international popularity, Goku has become one of the most recognizable and iconic anime characters.


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