If Wolverine did a Beachbody workout…

 If Wolverine did a Beachbody workout out it would most definitely be P90x.  The adamantium claws crossing and making an X just like Tony Horton does in the videos is a dead giveaway.

Do you want to get ripped like Wolverine?  I’d suggest doing P90x.  Hugh Jackman’s workout when he was preparing for the superhero role consisted of a high-intensity workout with weights, yoga, and a bulking diet.  I bring up the Aussie because it’s hard these days to separate the image of Hugh Jackman and Wolverine since he did such an awesome job.  For the next Wolverine movie, Hugh Jackman is consuming 6,000 calories a day.  He is bulking up for sure.  I think it’s funny how much he is willing to commit to a superhero role while some people complain that eating the RIGHT amount calories is too hard. Even though it will improve their fitness and quality of life, some people just see the number and want to quit.

Hugh Jackman attributes his success to his mental strength.  “I don’t set goals in life,” he says. “In this country, people are all about goal setting. And I concede, to a point, how it can help you get going. But we limit ourselves with goals. We have far more ability than we give ourselves credit for. You see that in people under pressure. How does someone run a 100-meter race at the Olympics? When it’s once every 4 years, with everything they’ve done leading to that? It can’t just be adrenaline.” Then he nods and smiles. “Maybe it’s just the mind getting out of the way.” (MensHealth.com)

So let’s all unleash our inner Wolverine, get our mind out of the way, and hit our workout with enough force to leave Juggernaut shaking in his clunky helmet.


Bring it!


Jeff Grube

Independent Beachbody Coach
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