Improve your fat burning and weight loss

“Oh…huh…my…huh….God! I…huh…cant….keep…up.”

Are you panting, gasping for air, bending over for a break, out of breath while working out?  Good!  We have all been to our max heart zone at one point in our life, even if it was regretting the stairs instead of the escalator moment, and we know the feeling of giving up soon after that point.

A tool that will help you track your fat burning and that wheezing feeling is a magical heart-rate monitor.  You know what it does already, so I won’t explain that part but I will help you realize the crazy benefits of using one.

First, having a heart rate will help you be aware of when your dogging it and need to step it up a notch. Second,  if you need to slow the frick down and preventing you from potentially injuring your stubborn self.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you are doing Beachbody’s new workout Insanity Max 30 by Shaun T. and you look over at your time, it’s 6:32 seconds into the workout and your previous #maxout time was 8 minutes, you feel like you need a break, your heart rate is high in zone 4 (or low in zone 5; your max heart rate) and you are about to stop and take a break, then right down your #maxedout time. You think “I just can’t go anymore” aside from your negativity are you still with me? Good.



(From my first max out workout)

Welllllllll Kemosabe, since you have a heart rate monitor on, instead of totally stopping slow down a bit, your rate will stay the same for a bit instead of increase, and you feel like your getting a break, drop down a zone to low 4 or zone 3 by doing one modified version of the move then come back in when you ready to kick some butt.

The point of this concept is that you are maximizing the fatty fat fat calories your burn during your workout and yet didn’t have to take a total break and feel like a failure that you can’t keep up with your previous times and/or keep up with one of the world’s elite athletic trainers…the program after all is called “Insanity”

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