Insanity Asylum.









Insanity. Asylum.

Brutally cool!

I got ordered Asylum from Beachbody last week and got it in the mail super quick to join do a Challlenge with some of my friends.

Is Asylum hard? Yes. The Insanity: Asylum workout is not for beginners. Should you do P90x or Insanity before Asylum? Yes, you need to have done at least 1 round of P90x or Insanity before attempting this workout program. So far I have done the Fit Test, Speed & Agility, Strength, Back & Core, and Vertical Plyo workouts.

Do you want to get ripped? Asylum is going to help you achieve this goal.  It’s going to build up a lot of strength and help enhance many different areas.  If you’re an sports athlete, like soccer, swimming, football, etc Asylum will bring you to the next level.

Do you want 6-pack abs? Then you need to get yourself in the kitchen NOW!  Get rid of the junk you have in your house because it is holding you back from your goals.  If you haven’t set goals yet, you need to stop reading this and CREATE YOUR GOALS NOW! Seriously.  If you create a SPECIFIC goal you will have something to work towards, and you know if you cheat.

Back to the kitchen, Want to know how to get 6 pack abs? Eat right.  The food you CHOOSE to put in your body will decide 70-75% of the results you see. You didn’t get fat within 30 days so don’t expect to get lose your gut in 30 days either.  You will need to stay dedicated.  I really like the meal plan that comes with Asylum.  There aren’t a lot of recipes like P90x but the strategy is something I like so far and makes me happy to try something new.

Awesome Movie Quote

Pacha: Uh-oh.

Kuzco: Don’t tell me. We’re about to go over a huge waterfall.

Pacha: Yep.

Kuzco: Sharp rocks at the bottom?

Pacha: Most likely.

Kuzco: Bring it on.

The Emperor’s New Groove.


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