Learn from my Noob Mistakes

Learn from my noob mistakes

When I first started to do P90x I wanted to get in shape for my wedding and I was partially committed.  I didn’t understand the big picture.  I was having a cheat snack once a week, skipped a couple workouts when things got busy, and I only saw it as a 90 day program.  There I was preparing for a life long commitment to be married but I wasn’t in the mindset for a life long commitment to my health.

Mistake #1

I didn’t bother to calculate my daily calories and didn’t bother with a heart rate monitor.  I looked forward to my wife making brownies every friday.  I didn’t realize that eating that 1 unhealthy snack every week and I wasn’t eating enough for 90 days (12 weeks) would set me back from obtaining the results I wanted.  This ruined almost an entire month of the fat I was trying to shred.

Mistake #2

When work got busy, life events crammed my schedule, or I had a lack of energy, I came up with excuses NOT to do my workout.  I’d brush it off and say to myself “Bah, I’ll just delay my workout a day…or two”.

Mistake #3

I was counting down the days 89 days left…50 days left…20 days left…I’M FINISHED!  What did I do when I finished? I ate pizza, fudge, candies I used to eat.   What a horrible mistake that I will not make again.

Beach Body’s slogan is “Decide. Commit. Succeed.

I failed epically at step 2.  “Commit” which made me not “Succeed.”  I was setting myself up for failure by making BAD exceptions for myself.  When I decided to revisit P90x, I was going to “Commit” 110% of myself this time.  I know the program works because I have seen the videos and I know I didn’t do EVERYTHING I could have.

Solution #1 – Decide

I calculated the calories I needed to intake.  I follow the P90x nutrition guide. I use a heart rate monitor to make sure I’m in the correct zone for P90x Cardio & Insanity.  I make a small substitutions because I do not like asparagus soup and I have one of the other soups instead.  If I’m out of one vegetable for dinner I will use another.

NO BROWNIES. No bad snacks.  If I have a craving for a snack I eat a protein bar instead, but usually I don’t have these cravings anymore because I eat the correct amount of calories.

I also started using Shakeology as a meal replacement.  I enjoy this every day.  I didn’t want to make my lunch every day.  I thought this shake would be perfect.  It tastes unbelievably delicious…I just finished mine a few minutes ago.  It is CHEAPER and so much more healthier than eating out.  $4 for a meal! Thats incredible.  I get it delivered to my house every month for free and I always have my lunch ready.  I feel full and have more energy.

Click for more information about Shakeology.

Solution #2 – Commit

When life gets busy, I get BUSIER.  When life gets hard, I work HARDER. If I have to, I will wake up before work at 5:50am to do my workout.  I don’t want to look back and think I could have done more. I’m doing more NOW.  I don’t miss workouts…and I have even started doubles!  I will always get it done.

Solution #3 – Succeed.

This is the most important part.  My life is longer that 90 days. For me P90x is more like PForeverX.  I don’t want to be unhealthy so I don’t plan to stop.  I will continue to do my P90x workouts which I now mix with Insanity and I LOVE IT.  I love the way I look and feel.  I can look back with no regrets and that gets me more excited for the future.


Jeff Grube

Independent Beachbody Coach
Emerald Coach


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