Les Mills Combat Review

Les Mills Combat Review


When Les Mills Combat was first announced I wasn’t that excited as others but I hadn’t even tried Les Mills Pump yet either.  A few days after I ordered Les Mills Pump, Body Beast was available and I jumped on that ASAP.  My first experience with the Les Mills Combat style was doing the Les Mills Pump  “Combat” workout.  I’m very picky in terms of martial arts workouts because of black belt training in Kempo years ago. However, I had so much fun with the music, intensity, and workout routine that I pre-ordered Les Mills Combat immediately after.

I am following the Ultimate Warrior Hybrid calendar and the first workout called “Kick Start Combat 30” is an excellent representation of the whole program.  The music is definitely my style and tailored to the workouts.  Music is a very big part of Les Mills workouts.  I appreciate the option to lower the music in order to here the trainers while learning the moves, and later being able to blast the music over them.

These workouts really are great for fat burning and strengthening your core.  I felt sore in my legs, back and core for the first few days because there are so many punches and kicks, plus I was using weighted gloves.  I wouldn’t recommend using weighted gloves if you are still a “newby” in terms of your fitness journey.

I was a little bit surprised that there were weighted moves because I was under the impression it was all combat workouts.  It reminds me of a cross-fit styled workout.  There are some fast moving weighted exercises that use a lot of muscle groups at once. I have only had a brief to non-existent cross-fit experience so I don’t want to go into details comparing the two workouts.  I have done Insanity Asylum  volume 1 & 2 and I would say the Power HIIT workout is very slightly similar.

I have been using a Polar heart rate monitor while doing the workouts and they claim that you can burn over 1,000 calories in these workouts. I have yet to hit 1,000 calories and I am really intense during my workouts.  The highest I have burned is in the mid 800’s which is still nothing to laugh at but some workouts were around 400.

These workouts can be easily done on a 2nd floor of an apartment but keep in mind when you are trying to keep noise down by not jumping you’re going to lose out on burning more calories.

If you are an uncoordinated person the moves are pretty standard so don’t let that scare you away from trying this program.

Yet again, BeachBody has created an awesome program again that I greatly enjoy. I find myself throwing punches in the air as I’m walking around now!

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