The Hulk workout program is here…

Wow I am surprised! I didn’t expect Body Beast to be released until July.  This is so cool.  I know that these two programs(Body Beast & Les Mills PUMP) help achieve vastly different goals but they are what I plan on doing next.  I first am going to clean & lean out my body by doing the Beachbody Ultimate Reset (which I have heard so many amazing success stories about) and Les Mills PUMP workout program to lean out.  It uses high rep and low weight routines to achieve this affect.  Most people are in this boat, they often have muscle and want to that fat to go away that’s sitting on top making you look “poofy”.

After that is done I will be questing in the lands of Body Beast to gain some size!   I’m really excited about this and just ordered it so I will have a unboxing video followed by weekly updates of the program! Wanna Hulk up with me? Of course you do because The Hulk is bad ass! Join me in one of my fitness challenge groups on Facebook. Challenge groups are very successful with producing results.  If what your doing now isn’t making you happy than you need to join us.

I will be attending Beachbody Coach Summit 2012 in Las Vegas and I will post updates so make sure you follow me on facebook/twitter.

Jeff Grube
Independent Team Beachbody Coach
Emerald Coach

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