Level-up Your Pull-ups

Level-up your pull-upsWhen I first started to do P90x, I was unable to do a single pull-up.  I was such a wimp.  I had not been someone that was very good at pull-ups, I just thought I never would be. <–Classic negative thinking (don’t give in to it).   I started with using the some cheap-ass brand of workout bands I bought at a sports store; the hallow tubing kind.  That lasted about 2 weeks because I was going back farther for more resistance when it snapped in half and came flying at my face.  Luckily, my Kung-Fu was sharp that day and I blocked it with my forearm which still hurt a lot but that was better than a bruise on my face.  With my next order of the P90x Results & Recovery DrinkI ordered B-Line bands from Beachbody.  These workout bands rock, I still have them today and use them for travelling.  The b-line workout bands have solid tubing, can stretch really far, and I used these for the first round of P90x.  You have to start somewhere.
The 2nd round of P90x
I found out about “The Perfect Pull-Up” (this is made by the same company as “The Perfect Push-Up”).  This is a MUST HAVE for anyone having a hard time with pull-ups.  I wish I had this pull-up bar instead of the B-Line Bands during the first time I did P90x! “The Perfect Pull-Up” bar has a bar that swings down as low as waist level, a little bit shorter than a hobbit, so you can lean your body back with your feet on the ground and pull-up toward the bar. This helps you do P90x workouts with pull-ups.  However, there is one thing it is NOT good for—wide pull-ups because the bar isn’t that long. <–That’s what she said… It helps build the muscles that you need to lift your wimpy body up!  I started to not lean as much and I was doing reps of 15 for every set, then every week I went lower and lower until I was directly under the bar doing pull-ups!  This is a great way to improve your pull-ups.
The 3rd round of P90x
I started out with “The Perfect Pull-Up” then I looked at the bar and thought, “I’m better than this!”  I folded it up, and DECIDED to do regular pull-ups. Even though, at the start, I did fewer reps.   After I was 2 weeks into the 3rd round of P90x, I bought the P90x Pull-Up Bar and started doing REALpull-ups. My reps started at 3-4 then after weeks of really “Bringing It!” (and using a chair when I was exhausted) I started doing 7 then 10, then 15, and currently I’m between 15-20 reps even on my 2nd set of pull-ups during the P90x workouts.Don’t stick with something in any of your P90x workouts (or in your life) because it’s easy or slightly challenging.  If you don’t try something new or harder, you will miss out on the opportunity of being great.P.S. Did you know one of the main workouts for the actors in the movie 300 was pull-ups?  Ya, they’re kind of a big deal!Awesome Movie Quote #8
“Give them nothing! But take from them everything!”
Spartan King Leonidas. 300


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