Mixin’ it Up Blender Review

Mixin’ things up

I know everyone drinks their awesome Shake-O (Shakeology) everyday just like me!  That means you are most likely using a blender to mix it up.  Some days I’ll use my trustee Blender bottle. It’s a plastic bottle with a sphere-like spring that bounces around to help mix up your ingredients.   Back to blending, when I started doing body beast I started having bigger shakes 500-900 calorie shakes and my blender was getting used 2-3 times a day. Some times the blender would just get too full.  Then winter came….no not Game of Thrones…but in the winter season it’s not possible to get the variety of fresh fruit anymore so I resort to my blenders biggest enemy; frozen fruit.  My blender slows down, stops, blending, and I have to stop it, stir it, do anything for it to start blending again.  Ya ya ya just add more liquid but remember these shakes are huge! I already have space issues in the blender.

For the last month, I have been using a Tupperware lid as a lid to the blender because my dog, River, has teeth made of adamantium (Wolverine’s claws and skeleton are made of this).  100% true =) and she jumped up on the counter and destroyed the blender top.  She did it out of love for me to get a new blender because she knew the trouble I was having.  She wouldn’t have just done it because she was bored—no way.

So I asked my fellow Beachbody coaches at TNL what they recommend for a blender.   My good friend Leland Yarnell (www.myfitnessjunkie.com) recommended BlendTec and another person posted a YouTube clipof “Will it blend?” I thought I was a joke but it’s a video series created by BlendTec.  Check out this video!

After watching this video, I was convinced those damn frozen berries don’t stand a chance.  I ordered mine from Amazon using my Amazon Prime account and should be getting it this weekend! I also will make sure my dog River knows how happy I am with the new blender by putting the lid in the cupboard.

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