Skippable background story. Do not read it. I repeat do not read it.

I work as a school teacher and I have heard many times to boost my immune because the students have tons of germs.  I’m not sure if most of you know this about teachers (or if all teachers feel the way I do) but I hate taking sick days.  Everyone hates being sick, but I really hate taking sick days because then you know your class will be behind and you have to play catch up and all the extra papers you have to grade while constantly rescheduling due to birthdays, class parties, special assemblies, and weather.  I hate staying home sick.  So I started taking some poor, generic vitamins I bought from Costco. Some people have their vitamins they swear by to boost their immune system.  I wasn’t very serious about them.  I would usually remember to take them but I as much as I didn’t like staying home sick I just didn’t make it a priority to take my vitamins.

Did you read it? If you did thanks and if you didn’t I’m sure you will because I mentioned something about parties.

Now the important stuff:  I didn’t realize the obvious benefit of taking a multi-vitamin was to get the nutrition your body needs because you cannot get it from eating just food anymore.  Unless you have time to commit your whole entire day to finding, preparing, cooking, and eating the food, then you don’t need a vitamin.  It is SUPER important to take a multivitamin!  Even if you don’t do workouts like P90x or Insanity, you need to take a multi-vitamin.

So like a good little consumer, I bought the P90X Peak Health multi-vitamins, and I have been taking these vitamins for a year.  I haven’t been sick once, and for working at an elementary school that’s impressive.  Sometimes I would feel like I was getting sick but I would take my vitamins, continue my workouts, and drink lots of H20…because it’s better than Gatorade. ßWater Boy reference.

My friends compared their multivitamins with the P90X Peak Health multi-vitamins and they would have to take 3 of their vitamins to even come close to mine. So with P90x Peak Health multivitamins vs. generic vitamins, there is no comparison.


When you are doing any intense workout, your body is going to burn off a lot of the vitamins and you need to replace them throughout the day to keep you body properly nourished. “P90X Peak Health multi-vitamins potent combination of natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants will boost your strength and energy to levels you never thought possible.”   A crappy regular multivitamin doesn’t account for an intense workout and the need for recovery.  Without taking a vitamin you will be missing out on the results you could have!

P.S. Have you ever noticed that in video games a “power-up” is usually in a pill form? You walk over one or click it, and then you get more health and energy/power. That’s because they are digital vitamins! So power yourself up and hit your workout like Goku before a K.O.

Don’t even get me started on Mario and his mushrooms. Have you seen the guy? Point proven.

Awesome Movie Quote #3

“I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!”

-Mugatu. Zoolander


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