OS X Mountain Lion


Hooray! Apple released it’s new OS (Operating System) called Mountain Lion. It’s available today, on my best friends birthday! Happy Birthday Alika!

There are over 201 features. Now you might be thinking “Hey everyone else says there is only 200 features! What gives?!”  The unspoken feature is that is a very stylish stress reliever.  It isn’t just cool to tote around your Apple products and have bragging rights but it offers you peace at mind knowing that you don’t have to worry about the nonsense Windows makes you put up with.  I’m not here to talk bad about Microsoft because Windows 7 has been pretty nice to me.  But from my perspective I got tired of scanning for spyware, renewing virus subscriptions etc.  As a fitness coach having robust tools that are easy to use and reliable like iMovie, iPhoto, etc make it very smooth.

Some of the features that I am most excited about are:

1. AirPlay Mirroring which allows you to send your computers screen on to your TV screen using Apple TV! That’ rocks.

2. You’re documents are now going to be saved in iCloud and accessed anywhere.  Woohoo Mac integrated version of Dropbox. We’ll see how it pans out.

3. Facebook/Twitter notifications built in so I don’t have to keep logging into Facebook on my browser.  It may or may not make me more productive.

4. Messages.  Bye bye iChat and Hellooooo nurse! Eh-hem I mean messages.  This will allow you to keep conversations going that began on your phone and can be pick up on your computer.  I think that’s a cool feature to message some on my computer and it be sent to their phone like a text message.  This will only work if your friends have an Apple ID signed in on their iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

5.  PowerNap.  When your computer is asleep it will continue to update webpages & notifications while you’re gone so when you come back you don’t have to refresh.  It also will do your Time Machine backups and system updates too! That definitely is a time saver when I’m not using my computer.

A feature I’m not thrilled about is Dictation because Siri sucks. Not only is dictation going to require an internet connection to use (just like Siri) but I end up correcting a few words because it doesn’t work well.  For example, when my wife Emily says “Hi It’s Emily call me back”  It translates to “Hi it’s only call me back”.  Blah…besides most people can type faster then they talk and can see there words while they type. There also is a limit to how much you can say it’s based about time (file size).

Anyway, Apple’s new OS X Mountain Lion is available on the app store.

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