OxyELITE Pro Review

OxyELITE Pro Review

The First few days

I’m on my 4th week of OxyELITE Pro by USP Labs.  OxyELITE Pro is considered to be one of the best Fat Burners out there.  A majority of the product is an ultra dose of caffeine.  You can take it up to twice a day.  The first 3 days as my body was getting used to it, I had a hard time going to sleep.  I took the first pill at 7am and the second pill at 3pm.  I tried going to sleep at my usually time of 11pm-ish but I was up until about 1:30am.   Around the 4th day my body adjusted and I fell asleep at the usually time again.

The Results

It has been my goal to get below 10% body fat and before I took OxyELITE Pro I was at 10.8%-10.9% body fat.  I am on week 4 of the 8 week maximum.  I didn’t notice a gain in energy throughout the day regardless of having restless nights in the first few days. So far I have dropped to 9.7% body fat.  I did not achieve this solely through OxyELITE Pro.  I exercise 6-7 days a week and I have proper nutrition (2100-2200 calories a day).  I also eliminated my morning coffee consumption. I followed the directions of OxyELITE Pro and if you are interested in trying it out READ THE LABEL! Don’t just think you know what to do.  That is important for all supplements that you take!  As always, if you have any questions feel free to send me an e-mail or message me on Facebook.


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