P90x: First 3 Days (Part 1 of 2)

When I first started P90x I was incredibly excited and motivated.  Just like any new thing, there is the thrill of change.  The first week was challenging.  The first day was Chest & Back.  I was sweating through the warm-up. I guess I played a little too much World of Warcraft but then again…how can you stop?  I starting doing 10-12 push-ups per set. The strength I had in video games didn’t match my strength in real life.  Time to level up my body. I struggled with pull-ups.  I wasn’t able to do a single one.  I had to buy the B-Line bands  in order to start improving the strength in my back.  After the first half of the P90x Chest & Back workout was done, I was exhausted and worn out.  In my mind heard the StrarCraft II computer voice tell me “not enought minerals”. Haha. I wanted to stop, but because of the challenge and the thrill of change, I kept going.  How many movies have I seen that were horrible but I didn’t turn off? How many times did I keep dying at one part of a video game and keep trying.  I was going to finish this even if i was not great at it. My push-ups became 5-6 per set.  THEN Ab Ripper X came on, and I was thinking “Wtf is this? I Thought I was done!!” So I struggled with the ab workout.  I knew after the first workout, I was in for the most challenging and exciting time of my life.  Later that night, I was begging my wife for a back massage because I felt the soreness kicking in.

However, like I mentioned in the article “Learn from my Noob mistakes”, I regrettably didn’t start using the P90x Nutrition Guide. I didn’t eat that well or enough.  I didn’t even drink a lot of water.  I still drank soda and ate junk food…ya know the gamer diet?  I didn’t associate eating healthy with working out.  I thought in order to lose weight I had to eat fewer calories and the food quality didn’t matter.  Stupid, I know, but I learned from my mistakes.

The next day, I thought about calling in sick to work because I was so frickin’ sore.  It was unbelievable.  How could I let myself get that out of shape? All for movies, video games, and being lazy. I had this regained sense of determination and I went into work. All day at work, my soreness was a reminder that I have another workout to do, but I was really excited.  It was the same excitement I have when an awesome movie or video game comes out and as soon as I get home I get to play it.  But unlike a video game I would play with a character that was ripped, this new goal in my life would make me ripped.  The workout was P90x Plyometrics.

I completely underestimated this workout.  BIG MISTAKE!  Also, I didn’t use a heart rate monitor I just did what I could.  Honestly, for the first few weeks you can get away with not having a heart rate monitor because you will be more focused on learning the routine and seeing how to perform during the workout.  So Plyometrics…wow as Tony Horton says “The mother of all P90x workouts”. It is extreme.  If you have joint issues (and depending on your starting fitness level) you may want to substitute Cardio X for Plyometrics. It is intense because there is a lot of jumping.  It will burn-up the most calories than any other P90x cardio workout, and it will make your movements more explosive.  I didn’t want to substitute the workout because I didn’t want to feel like a wimp.  DON’T feel like that.  Remember, you are making an incredible change in your life to be healthier and that takes time.  If you need to start out easier that’s okay but never forget or give up on your goals.   As you do better, try harder.  Where I am at now, Plyometrics is still an awesome work out because I jump higher, squat lower, and move faster.

Again, the next day at work, I was sore all over.  I was still sore from Chest & Back and now sore from Plyometrics.  My coworkers were joking with me but I knew the payoff at the end was going to be great.  They didn’t do it in a negative way; they were supportive…for the most part.

     P90x Shoulders & Arms is the third workout.  To be honest guys, this is one of the easiest workouts for me and most people.  It’s an awesome workout, don’t get me wrong and you definitely will struggle, at least you should be or you aren’t doing it right. However arm workouts tend to be less fatiguing to your whole body.  Ab Ripper X makes its second appearance and you will feel this more than the first time because you’ll still be sore from the first day. The next day guess what? Yeup, I was sore again…See a pattern? You will be sore for everyday for about two weeks of P90x because it is a total body workout.

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