P90x: Last 4 Days (Part 2 of 2)

P90x: Last 4 Days 

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P90x Yoga X  Yoga! Yoga! Yoga!  I was always curious though college…not that way…but I saw a lot of people doing Yoga.  I just never tried Yoga because I thought it was for girls or effeminate dudes.   I had judged something I had never tried.  So I figured, “I’m in my own apartment, no one is going to see my do Yoga, I’ll give it a try.  It’s just stretching.  It will be easy, right? “ Hahaha…ha.  P90x Yoga X shattered my misconceptions of yoga.  Yoga is HARD!  I was dripping sweat like crazy, it was the hardest but most refreshing workout I have ever done.  From that moment on, I am proud to say I love yoga.  A lot of people complain that it is the longest of the P90x workouts, but it’s one of the most beneficial. Tony Horton said in an interview, “If I had to choose only one workout to do for the rest of my life, I would choose Yoga”.  The benefits of Yoga are worth every minute of the workout.  It will strengthen your core, balance, and your mind. Think Yoga is close to Yoda. Coincidence?

P90x Legs & Back  The first time I did this workout I was impressed that the leg workout was so intense.  Single Leg Wall Squats! OMG! That was so hard to do.  Harder than trying to sell a dusty Nintendo Wii…  The back portion is pretty similar to Chest & Back but it just has pull-ups. Which I was still only using the B-Line Bands.   There are lots of tough exercises like Sneaky Lunges and Toe Roll Iso Lunges.  Don’t under estimate this P90x workout.  The next workout involves a lot of kicks, so be careful not to overdo this workout the first couple times.  Oh yeah…don’t forget about Ab Ripper X again, “You hate it, but you love it!”

P90x Kenpo X  is fun but I have a bias towards it because I was in Karate for many years as a kid. I earned my Black Belt at Steve Lavallee’s in Upstate New York.  I had to relearn some of the moves because P90x Kenpo X is more about the exercise of Karate than the form, which is what I was so used to.  Following the Legs & Back exercise makes this P90x workout harder in the first few weeks because you do so many kicks.  You want to listen to the safety warnings Tony gives about taking care of your hamstrings throughout the video.  During the breaks you will have to do jumping X’s in the air, for the first few weeks of this video I always had to be careful of  how far I spread my legs apart, because it felt like it could be too much of a move.  So be careful during that.   Another tip, when you are doing your ”Kenpo Quad Stretch” really try to get your knee as far back as you can before leaning forward. Overall Kenpo X is a great P90x workout.

P90x Stretch X  I skipped this all the time because on the calendar it says “Rest or Stretch X”.  I just wanted the break on my 7th day! I wanted to keep my bad habits around as much as I could while working out.  I didn’t realize that my bad habits were holding me back physically and mentally.  World of Warcraft especially made me weak when it came to choosing to workout on some days or play the game.  I’ve since that quit that game but I still think about it. It wasn’t until my 3rd time doing P90x that I decided to always do the Stretch X workout.  What I found was that my energy and flexibility greatly improved, I was able to keep my motivation up because I was doing the workout every…single…day.  I noticed bigger improvements in my yoga and best of all, it really relaxed me!  I highly recommend doing the Stretch X if you want to make the rest of your workouts that much easier.

Awesome Movie Quote #2

“Do or do not, there is no try.”
-Yoda. Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

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