P90X2 Review

P90X2 review

The first 3 weeks.

What to expect from P90X2?

A week after I opened the P90X2 ultimate kit, I watched the DVD workouts to get a good idea of what to expect.  My first impression was that there was a lot more equipment than if you were doing P90X.   What do you need for P90X2? You need a mat, weights, yoga block, and a pull up bar just like in p90x as well as a stability ball, 2 medicine balls, foam roller, plyo stand (or a strong step stool), and pushup stands. If you buy the ultimate kit, it comes with everything. I don’t say this to scare you away, but if you just order the dvds it is up to you to get the rest.  Can you modify P90X2? Can you travel with P90X2? Yes and YES! Tony Horton and the rest of the people do an AMAZING job showing you how to modify if you are traveling, don’t have all the equipment or just want to start with the P90X2 workout dvd’s and bands.  I was very excited after watching the dvd’s and I couldn’t wait until I started the workout program.

I started doing P90X2 January 2nd in one of my Fitness Challenge Groups.   I have about 3 different sets of people in the challenge groups all doing various Beachbody workouts at home, posting the workouts they completed, and holding each other accountable.  If you are not in a challenge group you NEED to be in one of my challenge groups.  Send me a message on Facebook. They are vital to increasing your results and making the journey easier.

The first 3 weeks of P90X2 focus on your “foundation” all of your core muscles and really giving your body the building blocks you need to move onto the next phase of P90X2. I am finishing up my 3rd week now and I gotta tell you this workout is incredible.  It wasn’t easy for me but I tracked my results and noticed improvements every week.  I was honest with myself.  I have my specific goals and I will work to accomplish them.  I did the P90X2 x2 core workout, plyocide, x2 mobility and recovery, x2 total body, yoga, and x2 balance and power.  I didn’t expect to master these moves right away. It takes practice.  I didn’t just try and take a couple days off, I kept going and I kept pressing play.  After 2 ½ weeks of P90X2 my core is way stronger than when I started.  My balance has improved a lot and I have already lost a few more pounds.

I LOVE the Rumble Roller (foam roller).  Using the foam roller in P90X2 is like getting a deep tissue massage every day, especially during the Mobility and Recovery workout DVD, and it helps me stay at my peak performance level. My shin splints are gone. I sleep better and I feel way more relaxed. There are so many fun moves in P90X2 that I love to do and I look forward to constantly improving.

Bring it.


Jeff Grube

Independent Beachbody Coach
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