Does P90X3 Really Work?


The newest Beachbody workout with Tony Horton is P90X3. It just came out on December 10th.  To be honest, I was nervous that it would be to similar T25 (25 minute workouts) but I had faith in Carl Daikeler to produce another amazing workout.

I was extremely impressed how quickly the new P90X3 workout package was sent to my house.  It arrived in just 3 days and it was like getting a the best Christmas present early. The Nutrition and Fitness guide is INCREDIBLE!  It is by far the best and easiest to understand that has come out of Beachbody’s arsenal yet.  Whether you need the P90X3 nutritional guide to be simple because you are a beginner or you want the scientific research to back up the program, it’s in there!

I have completed the first week of the P90X3 program wearing my vibram shoes and taking my E&E and so far and I’m in love with the workouts.  Imagine P90X, but accelerated.  It has breaks mixed in (unlike T25 workout program) and P90X3 incorporates a little bit more equipment although it’s optional.  Such as weights, pull-up bar, and push-up stands.  It has some moves from P90X, P90X2, and some new ones mixed together, with less explanation of the moves.  Wait, wait, wait.  To help everyone make sense of that, picture doing the workout a few times, and you now don’t need a long description so you start doing the move early.  By less of an explanation, P90X3 allows for the workouts total duration to be shorter and in the long run it’s better.  So just pause and rewind if you need it.

I have completed:

Total Synergistic- I felt was a little slow but a great foundational workout.

X3 Yoga – I love improving my stabilizer muscles and flexibility in 30 minutes!

The Challenge – I chose 30 Push-ups and 12 pull-ups for each move and was laughing at the end when I could hardly do 15 pushups. This workout has made me the most sore so far.

CVX – Was a blast.  Your moving around with a  light weight or med ball doing tons of cool moves.

Warrior – This is the workout that Tony Horton does on military bases and aircraft carriers when he travels across the world to support the troops.  It was a total butt kicker and challenging.

If you want to join my fitness group, I’ll be starting it after the holidays on January 6th.  Here is the exact link you need to order your P90X3 Challenge pack and 30 day supply of Shakeology.


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