Resistance Training Playlist

Getting in the right mindset and having ultimate focus can mean the difference between feeling guilty that you didn’t even start your workout or feeling invincible after you’ve destroyed it. Maybe even feeling like batman!


Exercising is hard enough. That’s why I always workout with a playlist. It motivates me. It pushes me. It pumps me up when I need to push harder. To help you make the most of your workout and push your limits, here is my exercise playlist for resistance weights and push ups. These songs have a slower tempo for pacing.

  1. Centuries- Fall Out Boy
  2. Immortals- Fall Out Boy
  3. My Way- Limp Bizkit
  4. Take a Look Around- Limp Bizkit
  5. Last Resort- Papa Roach
  6. Not Listening- Papa Roach
  8. Send the Pain Below- Chevelle
  9. The Red- Chevelle
  10. Won’t Back Down- Eminem
  11. The Way I Am- Eminem
  12. Price to Pay- Staind
  13. Kashmir- Led Zepplin
  14. No Good- Kaleo
  15. Way down we go- Kaleo
  16. Rise- Sixx A.M.
  17. Clubbed to Death- Rob D (The Matrix Soundtrack)
  18. Alive- POD
  19. I’m Not a Hero- Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight Soundtrack)
  20. In the House- 28 Days Later Soundtrack


I know we all have different taste when it comes to music, so let me hear from you. Leave your top exercise songs that get you in the zone in the comments below. Also, let me know if this list was helpful.

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