Review: How Not to Die

I have had a passion for health and nutrition for years now but ever since my mom passed away from cancer last year at age 50, I believe I’ve become obsessed.  I’m certain some of my obsession is fear based but a lot it is a desire to live a long healthy life; to be apart of my children’s lives.  To create more amazing memories.  So obviously this books title already spoke to me on a few levels. “How Not to Die” cuts right to the point, right?

I read this book ass-backwards, literally.  At first, I eagerly opened up the book, like a kid on Christmas, to any random page to see what I would learn.  I was close to the end, (near the citations which there are a ton of), and I was immediately hooked.  I didn’t realize at the time the book was divided up into two parts.  Part 1 is the case by case “How Not to die from ___” and Part 2 is a ton of recommendations and benefits.  So I started reading it backwards, one section at time.  Each part could totally be it’s own book.  While Part 1 (I didn’t read all of it yet) was very interesting, I read all of Part 2  and found it to be more instructive and recommendation based, ya know like “Okay, yes, yes, I don’t want to die what the F*ck do I need to do?”

I absolutely LOVED this book.  I believe everyone needs to own a copy.  I couldn’t stop reading this thing. I read this book faster than any book I’ve read in my entire life.  Dr. Greger talks about his recommendations for his “daily dozen”, one of being the awesomeness of flax seed and cites many, many studies to formulate these suggestions.  He does support and recommend a mostly whole foods plant based lifestyle.  Even if you disagree with his plant based recommendation there are still many solid and backed up points that will help anyone create a nutrition plan with more variety and simplicity.

Here is a link to Amazon where you can a copy for yourself.

Lastly, I cannot recommend the additional cookbook that is meant to supplement the main book because It’s not created by Dr. Greger and it doesn’t line up with the actual books suggestions. So just stick to the real book and use google or Pinterest for recipes. =)

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