This game had me interested when I found out I could SLAY DRAGONS! How cool is that? It’s a really amazing game and it shocked me when I found out how massive Skyrim is.  I discovered this when I was watching some YouTube videos on where specific vendors were located to sell my magical items.  The game is very old fashioned because it only gives me “skill” points after doing the same action many times, but it makes total sense. The more I use/do something, the better I get at it.  I chose the path of a destruction mage and while it’s fun sometimes, aiming is horrible especially when my half-witted Housecarl, Lydia, stands in the line of sight to my target. But of course when I try to heal her she moves out of the way and I heal the enemy instead.  Bravo Lydia.


Lydia Standing my way multiple times



After I saved up my first 1,000 gold to buy a horse, I was happy it made traveling much faster. However somewhere…somehow…my horse died.  So now I just steal horses.

Also the game cra—

Crashes and of course I forgot to save for a while.   I think the game is awesome (when it’s working) but I’m not sure I’ll spend my few hours a week playing this anymore.



Me shocking Lydia because she annoyed me.

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