Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-Ray


Star Wars on Blu-ray


I was and still am extremely excited to see Star Wars, one of the best movie series ever, has made its way to Blu-ray.  I didn’t closely follow the news or release information.  I just kept looking at the release date and the posters in stores. I went to my local Best of Buys (I know that’s not the official name) to pick it up and I was surprised to see it discounted about $50.  Once I got home later that day, I popped it into to my trusty PS3 (replacement…I guess the first one I had wasn’t so trusty).  I started watching it thinking THIS…IS…AWESOME!!!  But then…

I realized this is the 1997 release, EWW!!!! For those of you who aren’t a super geek like myself, the 1997 Star Wars edition is when George Lucas traveled back in time and changed his movies by adding mostly a bunch of garbage.  The reason I say garbage is because it just looks horrible.  I frantically start looking at the packing, the list of special features, and I Google “original Star Wars Blu-ray” and I find out that it was not included like the DVD release. =(

I also started to notice they added/changed MORE stuff in the Blu-Ray version.  Remember the classic debate of who shot first: Han Solo or Greedo?  In the original 77 version it looks too close to call. But in the Blu-ray version, Greedo’s shot has been altered to be wide (like he has already been hit). Apparently, Lucas wanted to have it look like Han shot second so he seemed more defensive and less of a badass, but that’s not how it ended up.  Now, Han clearly shot first and is still a badass.

There are also some very small differences mostly sound effects are changed a lot…I guess in a logical way.  For example, when Luke and Leia are about to swing over the bridge in a closed corridor with Storm Troopers firing at them, whenever they talk now they added an intense echo, which makes sense but threw me off.

Super geek disappoint aside, I still love watching these movies and I will enjoy them on Blu-Ray, but I’m definitely not getting rid of my DVD version.


P.S. I have only watched the A New Hope so far.


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