Star Wars: The Old Republic Part 2

SWTOR Part 2


I left the starting area and headed to the Fleet followed by the next planet to group up my best friend, who is a Bounty Hunter. The….game….slows…down…

a crap-ton.

The story line gets more spread out (which is typical) and the walking is brutally slow like the LOTR: Return of the King movie.  I get so bored and I am reminded why I stopped leveling alts in World of Warcraft.  In my opinion, if Bioware wants to really make a dent in the WoW player population they need to take into account where most WoW characters are coming from.  Most have left behind epic items, big weapons, guild bonuses, and flashy flying mounts.  Star Wars: The Old Republic should swoop in and give these things to the curious new players fast  in order to prevent them from jumping ship.  Anyway, that’s my two cents.

I like and don’t like the crafting system.  I like that I can send out my companion (pet) to go “farm” for me but it’s a micromanaging process.  Plus, each time you send him out you have to pay credits, so it’s not a very profitable way to earn credits (for now).


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