What supplements should I take? Supplement breakdown

Don’t be scared of the word supplement.  When I first began exercising I had a fear of taking supplements because I wanted to remain healthy, not look any funnier than I already do, I was worried about side effects, and didn’t want to spend extra money.  I didn’t really have an understanding of what they did anyway. I pre-judged them.  The consequence was lower, less effective results.  There are supplements that help fill in the gaps in your nutrition and help decrease recovery time to help you ready for the next workout.

Health Shake

I hands down believe every person in the world should be drinking Shakeology every day.  Shakeology includes your daily servings of veggies, fruit, protein, vitamins, phytonutrients, etc.  It’s only cheaper than making or buying all those ingredients and it replaces a meal like breakfast or lunches.  If you are looking to add size then you would use it as a snack instead of a meal.  It’s an excellent post-workout recovery shake.  It would also replace your need to be taking a multi- vitamin.  Everything in it is as nature intended, nothing controversial or unhealthy.

I can send you some samples for you to make up your own mind, just tell me your address.  I have been using it for over 3 years.

Pre Workout

There are 2 ways to go on this one.  If you are okay with the risks in ingredients used in the very popular pre workout drinks then I recommend using Jack3d (pronounced Jacked 3D or Jacked) or 1M.R.   You can get either at Vitamin Shoppe or GNC. Jack3D tastes a heck of a lot better but if you chug 1.M.R. before your workout so you don’t taste it, it works better.  It provides you with a big dose of caffeine and other ingredients like Beta-A’s & creatine.  It gives you a BIG BOOST of energy to maintain your workouts and not bonk mid workout.

If you want to go the clean and healthy way(that’s what I do), Energy & Endurance (through Beachbody). It gives you a smaller boost of energy to get yourself started but in the long run is safer for your body.

Protein Powder

Vitamin Shoppe or GNC has “ON” protein.  Many protein powders out there contain raw metals and arsenic.  ON Gold Standard has the least in it’s protein powder.  It’s the best bang for your buck.

If you prefer to get Sun Warrior protein powder, it’s made with rice protein, hemp protein and it’s way cleaner & healthier.  It’s pricier due to that and it’s vegan.

You can add protein powders to oatmeal, soups, shakes, etc. (Not your pre workout drink).


GNC or Vitamin Shoppe has plenty of this. It is good to help repair muscles.  You can take between 5mg-10mg a day.  Typically it’s 1 or 2 scoops of whatever you purchase.  There are different brands out there essentially they are all the same.  You can add this to your breakfast  like in apple sauce or grape juice and post workout shake.

Suma Root (Just for men – Optional)

I recommend it because it increases testosterone and it’s great for workouts. Shakeology used to have it blended in but they took it out because many athletes that drink it were coming back testing positive for steroids but they were false positives.  Suma Root is not a steroid.

Casein Protein

It’s a slow digesting protein that takes about 6 hours to digest. It’s used at nighttime before bed because your body goes the longest while it’s sleeping without eating and slows the metabolism.  This helps keep it up and you’ll burn more calories throughout the day due and have more energy if you take this.


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