The Yoga Block

The Yoga Block

Skippable Geek rambling: I have Star Wars on my mind right now and all I can think about is how awesome it would be to have a “Yoda Block”.  Imagine a yoga block with Yoda on it doing differently things on each side.  That’s some inspiration there! Moving on.

When I first started to do Yoga X, or any of the P90x workouts, you start to hear Mr. Tony Horton suggesting things…and then you start to memorize them.  One of the things he says “I recommend a Yoga block here…”.  In the beginning, I wasn’t able to lunge, twist, put my hand flat on the ground, and my other hand straight up in the air.  I listened to Tony Horton, like a good little P90x soldier, and purchased a yoga block.

I completely agree, if you are doing yoga, GET A YOGA BLOCK!  Not only will it help you not worry about touching the ground right away and make sure your twisting your torso correctly in poses. You can use it for balance in Warrior 3.  You can use a Yoga block to increase your seated hamstring stretch.  Yoga blocks are pretty cool little things.  There kind of like a Nerf toy because you can even toss them at your friends when they say or do something dumb at your place.

Other reasons to get a yoga block for the P90x Yoga X workout:

-Provide stability and support for body alignment

-Help in shorten the distance between the ground and YOU!

-Help to modify poses to fit the range of YOUR flexibility

-Improve body movement without causing strain

-Enable YOU to hold poses longer and more comfortably

Reduce the risk of pulling YOUR muscles and/or other bad stuff


Reasons not to get a yoga block:

-You don’t want better results

-You’re cheap

-You like falling over a lot

-You like getting hurt

Awesome Movie Quote #6

 “I’m kind of a big deal.”

— Ron Burgundy. Anchorman


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