What type of motivation works for you?

working out gives you clarity.

This may not come out as polished as I want it to be, but it’s genuine.  I had the most amazing moment today.  It happened during my workout.  I realized something huge about what motivates me and it’s not just motivational speaker Matt Foley.


A lot of what Tony Robbins teaches works for me, and he suggests that there are two types of motivation: “away” motivation and “towards” motivation. The idea is the “towards” motivation is seeking pleasure and “away” motivation is avoiding pain.

Most of my life I have felt like I am fueled by my anger or to avoid pain: that “away” motivation.  This is like when someone says you can’t do something and you have to prove them wrong.  Other times, I can get so infuriated that I get laser focused.


I was listening to a song while working out and then a happier, upbeat song came on (Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop the Feeling).


I almost switched it because when I work out I feel like I need heavier music that pumps me up. Do you know what I’m talking about? Well I stopped this time and thought, “Wait….  I CAN be happy. I must ALLOW myself to be happy.”  It reminded me of the Monsters Inc movie and how they were getting their fuel from scaring kids, but then they realized laughter was way more powerful.

For someone like me, who has a resting bitch face -LOL but seriously- it means when I make no expression, my face looks like I’m making some nasty judgements.  Simple solution: I can change that just by smiling.  I realized that I have to work hard to be happy and remain happy but it’s WORTH it and I deserve it.


It’s not easy admitting my faults and beliefs that have previously limited me, even somewhat embarrassing at times, but I love these breakthrough moments and I love Modern Family.

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