Ultimate Reset Week 1 Review

Ultimate Reset Week 1 Review

Does the Ultimate Reset work? So far Yes!

I had heard of the 21 day Ultimate Reset giving people amazing results and I wanted to see what it was all about.  I have done the vegan diet since January with P90X2 and I thought it would be pretty similar.  The first thing you must realize is that it is cleanse but it’s not one of those starvation cleanses that have you drink lemon juice mixed with cayenne pepper for a few days.  You will be eating 3 meals a day plus a snack.  I can’t officially say what results people have gotten but check out some YouTube videos to make your conclusions.  Something more “official” will be coming out but I’m not allowed to talk about it yet. However, I already have lost 3lbs in 1 week and my wife has lost 4lbs.

Week 1

Finding some of the ingredients was like a scavenger hunt at Whole Foods but we got them and everything is fresh. That was a slight change to my 90% vegan diet because things like herbs I never cut up myself.  Prepping meals was a bit tedious but at the end of week 1 it does get easier.

The supplements you take are pretty easy.  There are drops, vitamins, and packets you take while on the Reset and you drink a lot of distilled water with them.

I was pretty hungry the first few days but I waited to have my snack at the end of the day to see how I would do.  The food is amazing. I haven’t had such delicious food so many days in a row before.  One of the popular things people say about the ultimate reset is that you start to taste food in a new way as your body detoxifies.   I am really enjoying the meals on the reset.


I would recommend if you are thinking about doing the reset are:

– DON’T EXERCISE! It’s says that in the reset instructions. The reason behind that is your body is internally going through some major changes to heal and repair itself and any extra strain on the body would hinder your results.

-Look at the meals a day in advance and read how to prepare them since some of them require a bit more time to cook like brown rice or marinate.

-See if you are eating the same meal for lunch the next day and prep it at the same time.

-Make sure you don’t overbuy groceries. Use the Ultimate Reset grocery list.

-Do this with a friend, spouse, family member, or message me to join an accountability group.  It REALLY is beneficial and can help you if you are feeling a bit week and need some extra motivation.  It’s just 21 days of changing your diet and no exercising for 3 weeks. You’re going to be eating anyway!!


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