Update E&E Review 2/29/12

Update E&E Review 2/29/12

Energy & Endurance VS Jack3d, 1M.R.  Round 2

As I said before in my first review of Beachbody’s Energy and Endurance, it does not give you the energy you need and increase your pumps during your workout as much as Jack3d or 1MR.  That being said, it is a much cleaner product for your body that can supply you with energy (motivation).  There are times when I came home from a long day of work and I wanted to catch up on some TV shows or take a nap.  I decided to whip E&E out of the cupboard and mix in two scoops into a glass of water.  The result was great!  Compared to Jack3d you need to wait 15-30 minutes before you feel anything and after drinking Energy and Endurance the effect (to me) felt instant.  I was full of energy and ready to start the workout.

Here’s the difference in my opinion, Jack3d and other products like 1MR have their risks, provide more energy, have creatine, and give more pumps.   While E&E provides a quick burst of energy to get you STARTED, it’s clean and you won’t be wide awake hours later.

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