Vampire Diaries Season 3 Part 2

Vampire Diaries – The last few episodes of The Vampire Diaries, have really stepped it up a notch.  Before this season, it felt like I was watching a show that was pretty cool but there were a lot of melo-dramatic teen problems.  I’m not sure if the books followed the same plot as this season but whoever wrote in that Claus and Stefan knew each other years before and the only reason Stefan forgot was that Claus compelled him was awesome.  It makes the show much more interesting now that the characters have an excuse to act differently.  I like that we learned that Claus was running from a vampire hunter too.  Bring on the action!


A funny thing my wife noticed is that Damon needs to workout a little more or else he is going to lose his definition.  With all of the Insanity and P90x that I’ve done, she said I could take him, even in vampire form.


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