Walking Dead Season 2 Review

Walking Dead Season 2 Review

It all started when I got my friend a zombie comic book as a gift that looked really cool. I read the first few volumes and thought they were riveting.  Then years later they decided to make a show out of the graphic novels.  The first season was good for a 6-episode season, but the second was a big let down to me.  They dragged the farm part of the story out WAY TOO LONG! They killed off different characters (SPOILER: Dale) than the comic and at different times (SPOILER: Shane).  It hardly feels like a retelling of the same story with all of the changes.  Walking Dead season 2 spent too much time dwelling on the small stuff like trying to find the little girl and what to do with the prisoner. I feel like the producers of the show were purposely reducing the budget because they want to make more money. Less action and special effects equals a cheaper budget so let’s have them stand around and talk about their feelings. I mean this is a show about a zombie apocalypse, so where are the zombies? Are they scared of all of the feelings? Tons of people watch the show, so stop remaking ‘Dawson’s Creek’ and give me more zombie decapitations! Even the dullest episode of 24 was more exciting than most of Walking Dead Season 2.  I thought the season finale was one of the best episodes of the season because the plot was actually developing not staying stagnant.  And guess what, there were zombies! However, the end of the episode slowed down to a crawl (as they ran away from the zombies and everything interesting).

Seriously, this show needs to step it up next season or it’ll be renamed the ‘Crawling Dead’ because they are dragging the plot slower than a legless zombie. Or maybe the “Walking…. with sometimes dead stuff if you are lucky… but mostly walking.. and crying.”

What is going on with TV shows recently?  Few of them are creating climatic premieres and finales.

How many of you read the comics? What is your opinion of the Walking Dead’s 2nd season?


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