What is Organic?

Have you been to the grocery store and started to wonder what all of these health terms mean? Have you started to wonder if you are being slightly misled by a products advertising?  Here is a cheat sheet to the terms you will see on food. The general rule of thumb- If it is processed, comes in a box, can, etc. Don’t eat it.

100% Organic – The product is either completely or comprises entirely organic ingredients

Organic – The product is at least 95% organic.

Made with Organic Ingredients – The Product is at least 70% organic

Natural – The product contains no artificial ingredients. This label doesn’t regulate farm practices.

Free-Range – The flock was sheltered with regular access to food, water, and the outdoors.

Cage-Free – The flock was allowed to roam freely in an enclosed area with unlimited access to food and water.

Grass-Fed – The animal got most of its nutrients from grass, unlike organic animals that may also get grains. This label doesn’t limit the use of antibotics or hormones.

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