Workout Shoes

Workout Shoes

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The first sport I needed to start worrying about shoes was Cross Country in High School.  Until then I just figured shoes were shoes (for the most part).  My biggest source of cardio exercise for years was running and over the course of time I learned that I have feet that pronate (lean inward) and as a result I developed stress fractures and shin splints.  I wore running shoes practically every day for years, all through high school and college.  So when I started P90X, I used running shoes.  I didn’t know that was a BIG MISTAKE!  Running shoes specialize in forward motion.  P90X and other Beachbody workout programs like Insanity, Asylum, etc require a shoe that specializes in supporting and stabilizing side-to-side motion as well.

Some people even prefer to workout barefoot which is great too because there is nothing under your feet that can slip or cause sprained ankles.

I had taken a different journey to a new type of shoe.  I had issues slipping while doing Yoga X and kept a towel nearby to dry off my feet and hands.  I started looking into barefoot shoes like Vibram Five Finger shoes. These shoes simulate barefoot workouts.  I bought a very basic pair for about $70 (which is cheap compared to the running shoes I used to buy).  I was sold on them right away.  Yes, they were a bit to get used to putting on because your toes slip into them.  But I started to prefer them in my workouts all the time because of the way my feet and shins would feel after my workouts.  I felt like I had complete control of my body during Insanity workouts while I was jumping around, I wasn’t losing my balance as much, slipping, worrying about how tight my shoes were, the breathability of the shoe, etc.

Last October, I took them for an ultimate test on my first Warrior Dash.  The shoe wasn’t that great running on stones or pebbles. It felt uncomfortable so I tried to stay on the dirt most of the time.  What a difference though! During the race I felt great! After the race I felt great and I wanted to do it again! And hours later after the race I felt great!  I was eager to look into another Vibram shoe that offered a little more protection for outside surfaces.  I settled on Vibram Five Fingers Komodo Sport and WOW! It felt 10x better than my first pair. WARNING!!!  I had good timing on buying my new Vibram Five Finger shoes because my first pair started to smell horrible. It was so pungent and disgusting.  I tried cleaning them with soap and water and then I tried vinegar.  It seemed to work but then the shoes started to fall apart and I threw them away.  So I am trying to keep these shoes cleaned regularly to last a bit longer but honestly a year for a pair of shoes that I exercised in every day, is pretty good.
mens_komodo_anatomyI highly recommend buying a pair of these shoes but there are a lot of them to look at.  Make sure you get the right pair for yourself.  The sizes aren’t normal shoe sizes either so make sure to double check that you get the correct size.  If you have any questions, please e-mail me or message me on Facebook.Jeff Grube

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