Workout Your Brain and Stay Positive

Having a hard time staying positive? Lacking motivation?

Make a change.  I did.

For over a year, my grandfather has tried to get me to listen to personal growth audio books.  To me it sounded cheesy, but I still listened because I valued my grandfather’s wisdom.  I had a few problems though.  First, I wasn’t receptive to learning from an audio book.  Second and more importantly, I didn’t really listen for more than 30 minutes and when I did listen longer than that I was multitasking (playing a video game).

I recently listened to “The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” By T. Harv Eker on my own because I now WANTED to change my way of thinking.  You know what happened this time? I gained a new outlook on how I perceive things in my life.  It was an awesome eye-opening experience.  I figured since I use Beachbody workout DVD’s like P90x and Insanity for my physical health, why not try the same thing for my brain too?!  You’ve seen those guys at the gym who only workout their upper bodies so they have tiny chicken legs. It’s the same principle.  Don’t neglect your brain, it’s the most important muscle to workout.  Where do you think you get your willpower from?

Instead of listening to the same 4 songs on the radio, then growing to dislike them,  I started to listen to any personal development audio book that I could find on my iPhone on the way to work.  I used to dread my commute, but now I look forward to it every day!  I’m making the most out of my time.  I only drive about 40 minutes total a day (and on some days less than that).  Can you imagine how much you could listen to on your commute?

My grandfather gave me some audio books. After I listened to them, I would talk to him about each of them.  He then asked me if I had listened to Tony Robins, and I said “No, but I’ve heard of him. He’s the guy from Shallow Hal.”  So my grandfather bought me some of his CD’s and I start listening to them.  BAM! I’m hooked.  I have completely changed my life around because I have so many positive influences now.  From the workout wisdom of Tony Horton and Shaun T. to the professional wisdom of T. Harv Eker and the personal wisdom of Tony Robins, I’m working out all of my muscles.


Thanks Gramps.

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